Venus Factor Pros and Cons

Women have a different metabolism than men, and this is the reason women often have a more difficult time losing weight by burning fat than men. The Venus Factor system works to temporarily modify a woman’s metabolism, thus enabling her to lose weight easier. This diet and exercise system is sometimes simply termed the Leptin Diet. Leptin is a natural hormone in human adipose fat cells that regulates the metabolism of fat. When leptin is present at high levels, the body’s metabolism speeds up, causing fat to metabolize, or burn.

Women have been found to produce twice as much leptin as men. Ironically, women often respond with three times less impact on their metabolism. So, it does not follow that they lose weight more easily than men. Another issue is that weight loss tends to taper off faster than in men. This is because women’s leptin levels drop at twice the rate as when men diet.


With the Venus Factor system diet, women can enjoy a safe way to quickly lose weight by affecting their own body’s leptin production. There are 5 primary rules that must be followed:

1. Rely on your body’s own metabolism mechanism.
2. Make weight loss happen automatically by activating your body’s biochemical reactions.
3. Through diet and exercise, take control over your hormone levels.
4. Make the Venus Factor diet a fun component of your daily lifestyle.
5. Become aware of your body’s reactions so you can tune the diet program to your specific needs.


Not all women respond in the same ways to this diet, some have other internal factors that may make it less effective for losing weight. Also, if the diet instructions are not strictly followed, you may not experience any results. Therefore, you must completely commit yourself to the diet before even beginning it, or your extra weight may not be reduced. Since the goal is simply to raise your body’s leptin levels, there are no special, super pills or unusual exercises to perform, thus some women think it is some kind of trick or scam.

Five Rules of The Leptin Diet

For those new to the Leptin Diet we first need to know what a “leptin” is. A leptin is a hormone that inhibits hunger. Sometimes in overweight people the leptin levels are too low to inhibit the hunger response. The focus of the Leptin Diet or Venus Factor diet is to raise leptin levels to increase the hunger inhibition. The more leptin the body has the less hungry you will become.

The five rules to a successful Leptin Diet:

1. Eat three meals per day and leave it at that. At the beginning of this diet you may experience the desire to eat, but don’t. Self-control is one key to successfully losing weight.

2. Don’t eat large meals. At meal times refrain from overloading your plate. Instead be moderate with the portions you put on your plate. Eat what’s on your plate and don’t go for seconds.

3. Don’t eat between meals or after dinner. One of the worst things anyone, with a weight problem, can do is overeat. Overeating definitely doesn’t help you lose weight.

4. Eat a protein breakfast. Eggs, protein shakes, steak and pork chops are just a few examples of protein sources. However, don’t overdo it with the eggs as they are high in cholesterol which can create other health issues.

5. Lower the number of carbohydrates consumed. Carbohydrates may be good for athletes but can be an overweight person’s worst enemy.

Another tip for using the Leptin Diet is to plan your meals. Planning your meals will help you structure your diet with healthy foods. Using your meal plan make a shopping list of items that are in your plan. And when you go shopping only purchase food items that are on that list and nothing else. Avoid purchasing any food items that will hinder your weight loss program.

The Leptin Diet can help you lose weight and keep it off. And, as with any diet the keys are self-discipline and self-control. Without either of these there is no chance of successfully losing weight.